The WoWPSv5.0 client allows you as a player to see all custom items in your inventory as they were meant to be seen. That means no giant red question marks, no confusion when looking through your bags full of custom items, and a simple, easy way to solve the infamous problem with custom item visibility.
This sponsored addon is only for Burning Crusade.

Click here to download WoWPSv5.0!

After you have downloaded, put in the same directory as your WoW folder and run WoWPSv5.exe instead of running the normal WoW.exe. All this does is let you see custom item icons and let you enchant custom items. It causes no harm!
Some players have reported app crashes using it with a newer Windows OS.

 Burning Crusade

    set realmlist
    Patch 2.4.3 / Build 8606 (forever!)


    Main Page & Realm Info
    Create Account
    Account Control Panel
    Revive Character
    Vote For Rewards
    Donate For Rewards
    Lost Password
    Create Support Ticket / Talk to a GM


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