The foundations of our custom realms consist of gear vendors, a mall, class trainers, and portals to the major areas that players would want to visit. All new characters start at the max retail level from Burning Crusade (70). The realm is PvP but players may create both Alliance and Horde characters. The language barrier between the two factions is removed as well, and you can even form parties, raid groups, and guilds with players of the opposite faction.
Where Awesome WoW attempts to stand out is in the area of custom content. On our custom realms, new characters zone in to unique starting areas which feature in-depth quest lines and a ridiculous amount of custom gear rewards. There are all sorts of custom places hosting new monsters, new bosses, new gear, and new experiences!
The rewards on our custom realms from quests and bosses are far better than any item you could get on a public server. The more of these items a character equips, the faster they will become much more powerful compared to retail characters.

We do allow players to donate real money for rewards within the game. We even allow players to receive certain GM powers with a larger donation. Meanwhile, we have our own active staff GMs to police the server, assist players, and prevent donator misconduct. Rest assured knowing that real problems will be fixed by real GMs who work for Awesome WoW.

 Burning Crusade

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    Patch 2.4.3 / Build 8606 (forever!)


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